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Guru Jet Paua Size 35 319mm 12.75"

The Guru is a long corner, long rigger and shotgun special. Its straight, tight swimming action will continue in any sea conditions at any speed. As with all lures, the Guru may blow out from time to time but as Pakula Lures it will not tumble or tangle, landing perfectly every time.


Name: Paua Hothead Guru™ JetCode: PSLS35Length: 319mm / 12.75"
Hooks: Dojo Size 35Min Class: 8kgMax Trace: 300lb
Position: Long Corner, Shot Gun

Size 35/35 X Strong Gauge Swivel Rig
Brand: Pakula Tackle Model: BP-SWX35 / 35
For Softease and Paua Medium Sprocket, Mouse, Guru, Shaker, Medium Beer Gut...
Brand: Pakula Tackle Model: BP-PDLSJ 35 AA
Special Edition Lumo UV Skirts Made in the US..
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