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Paua Insert, Lumo Face, Softease, UV2 Additives

In 1997 Peter Pakula was the first Lure Manufacturer to make lures from super tough, super clear Polyurethane resulting in the first Softease and Diamond Heads. Part of this system was developing a system using single moulds to form Trolling Lure Heads. In 2012 we have taken the system further introducing a new form of two-part material that is even tougher than any used previously, plus with new additives in UV, Fluorescent and Luminescent (Lumo®). 

The head shapes, sizes and skirt sizes are the same as our most successful range to date, the Softease Fangs. We have brought back the Short Shot Range including the Hornet, Shaker and Pacemaker making the Paua Hotheads the range with the most head shapes. Production of all Paua Heads is now in our Softease Medium Density Polyurethane

Reflections in sunlightLumo in the shade

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