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Warlord Jet Paua Size 55 423mm 16.50"

The Paua Softease Jet is an updated version of the Warlord that was first introduced in the late 1980's but was taken out of the range because of production difficulties even though the Warlord was a very productive lure. In October 2013 we made a breakthrough in our production process that has enabled us to hand pour large Softease with very large 3/8th-inch jets.

The Warlord is the first of the Extra Large Jets as it is one of the most versatile lures we have ever made working in any position any conditions at any normal trolling speed, though it will be most often used in short and long corner positions.

Name: Warlord JetCode: PDSPJ55Length: 423mm / 16.50"
Hooks: Dojo Size 45 and 50Min Class: 37kgMax Trace: 400lb
Position:All Positiions – best in long cornrner, long rigger
Brand: Pakula Tackle Model: BP-SWX50XX / 55-60
For Softease and Paua Head Smoking Jo and Wombat..
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