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Micro Sprocket Jet Paua Size 15 180mm 7.20"

The Micro Sprocket Jet is designed as a long rigger lure though they work well in any of the trolling positions. They have a tight swimming action for use in calm seas up to a light chop. Famous for being easy to use the Sprocket Range are our highest scoring lures, especially in Lumo Green or Grasshopper run on the long rigger

Name: Micro Sprocket JetCode: PSPJ15Length: 180mm / 7.20"
Hooks: Dojo Size 25Min Class: 4kgMax Trace: 250lb
Position: Long RiggerMain Colours: Lumo, Illusion, Fallen Angel, Crystals, Blue Angel, Brad J


Brand: Pakula Tackle Model: BP-SW19/15
For  Uzis and Fluzis using 3kg drag and under..
Brand: Pakula Tackle Model: BP-SWX25 / 15
For Uzi, Fluzi,  Zipper, Mossie, Micro Sprocket, 7" Bullet all ranges..
Brand: Pakula Tackle Model: BP-PSPJ 15 AA
Special Edition Lumo UV Skirts Made in the USA ..
Brand: Pakula Tackle Model: BP-PSPJ 15 BB
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