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Daisy Squid - Float Inserts and Venturi Jet Heads

Daisy Squids in 6 and 9 inches – all UV, CAT and some Lumo.

These are custom squid designed to have great action with minimal drag. They also have a leader nipple to minimize splitting.

We’ve also made optional Floating Inserts and Venturi Jet Heads to add more action.

We have all the items to make up your own Daisy Chains and Spreader Bars. 

If you're making your own Daisy Chains we suggest a Paua Jet Cockroach with size 30/25 Heavy Gauge Swivel Rigs as the hooked lure using 6" Daisy Squids and a Bird.

If using 9" Daisy Squids we recommend a Paua Jet Mouse with a size 35/35 Heavy Gauge Swivel Rig.

For our 3D fish prints use the colour Blue White Daisy Squids.

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