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Beer Gut Paua Size 40 389mm 15.35"

The Beer Gut is almost too easy to use. In any position, in any condition, this lure just keeps on working with its straight, tight swimming action and narrow smoke trail. Though it's so easy to use it will produce the goods for experts as well as novices.

Name: Paua Beer Gut  Code: PDBG40 Length: 389mm / 15.35"
Hooks: Dojo Size 40  Min Class: 24kg  Max Trace: 400lb
Position: All Positions
Size 40/40 X Strong Gauge Swivel Rig
Brand: Pakula Tackle Model: BP-SWX40 / 40
For Original Hothead Small Sprocket, Guru, and Mouse...
Brand: Pakula Tackle Model: BP-PDBG 40 AA
The Skirts on these lures are Lumo plus UV2, made in the USA..
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